A meditation experience conducted at a renowned temple with a history of over 1,200 years.

3 hours-¥23,100 / Per person
The head priest personally provides guidance in English, allowing you to experience traditional Zen meditation at a historic Zen temple filled with history.
We invite you to a special meditation experience at a temple with a history of over 1,230 years, which you can have all to yourself.

This ancient temple has a rich history and is designated as an important cultural asset due to the document "Fukujo-ji Kishiki," which serves as a concrete record of how Zen temples were operated.

In front of the main hall, you'll find a "Karesansui" dry landscape garden, and within the temple grounds, various seasonal flowers that bloom continuously, including centuries-old mountain cherry trees. (From late March to early April every year, beautiful cherry blossom scenery can also be enjoyed.)On a high platform reached by climbing stairs, there is the "Zaogongen Hall," where you can enjoy panoramic views of Kyoto, including Mt. Hiei and Kyoto Tower.

In this experience, you can fully immerse yourself in traditional Japanese practices such as Zen meditation, sutra copying, and chanting, without missing out on any aspect of the training. While enjoying rice porridge or matcha tea, you'll have the opportunity to have the head priest personally explain the temple's buildings and history.

Moreover, while you're partaking in this experience, you can freely ask the head priest, who is a master of Zen, any questions you may have. Learn about Zen philosophy, how to apply it in daily life, the head priest's own spiritual journey, and what occupies his thoughts on a daily basis.

We hope that this interaction will become a source of profound self-awareness for your mind and body.

Through zazen meditation, calligraphy, and conversations with the head priest, we invite you to spend a special time discovering your inner beauty.

・Private experience
・Local meeting and local breakup

What's Included
◎ Zen Meditation Experience fee
◎ Calligraphy Experience Fee
◎ Entrance fee
◎ Sutra Chanting Experience Fee
◎ Admission Fee
◎ Light Meal ("Okayu" rice porridge)
◎ Matcha Green Tea (with sweets)
✖ Transportation costs
What To Expect
Zazen Meditation (60 minutes)
Start by aligning your mind and body through Zazen meditation. Zazen is a fundamental practice in Zen Buddhism where you sit in the correct posture and focus on unifying the mind. When practicing Zazen, clear your mental and emotional state. It is essential to let go of your sense of self and cultivate the sensation that only the physical body is seated.

Sutra Chanting (30 minutes)
After centering your mind and body, you will participate in sutra chanting. Chanting sutras has the purpose of guiding living beings towards a happier path. We chant with the aspiration that you may follow a path of happiness.

Calligraphy (45 minutes)
By concentrating solely on writing characters, you can clear your mind and maintain a balanced state throughout your body. It's not just about writing characters; it can also serve purposes like offering, praying, finding inner peace, or immersing yourself in traditional Japanese culture.

Morning Congee (15 minutes)
After the practice, you'll enjoy a nutritious congee. Congee is said to provide the ideal start for the day, enabling you to engage in activities immediately after consuming it. The "morning congee" will refresh your mind and body."Morning congee" refers to consuming rice porridge as breakfast after engaging in early morning practice, which is its original purpose.

Matcha Green Tea and Sweets
Finally, you'll have matcha green tea prepared by the abbot. Please enjoy the matcha in the tea room, feeling relaxed while admiring the beautifully changing autumn leaves in the garden.
Instructor:The head priest: Mehl Jirai
Born and raised in Germany, the head priest developed an interest in religion during high school. As he delved into the subject, he began to find Buddhism intriguing. In Germany, he pursued a career as a nurse and a psychotherapist, and to relieve the daily stresses, he frequently visited a Zen center.

However, he realized that "Zen" in the United States and Europe was quite different in essence from "Zen" in Japan, although the form might be similar. He recognized that he couldn't engage in Zen practice in Germany as he could in Japan. At the age of 43, he made the decision to come to Japan and dedicate himself to Zen practice.

Zen practice in Japan proved to be profoundly deep, and what was initially planned as a stay of 2-3 years turned into over a decade of training. Eventually, he assumed the role of vice-abbot at Fukujo-ji Temple. Two years ago, he obtained permanent residency in Japan, and last year, he became the head priest of Fukujo-ji Temple, marking the first time a foreign national has held such a position.

Date & Time Please select your preferred time slot from 9:00 to 12:00 or from 14:00 to 17:00.
* The start time can be changed (8:00-11:00; 12:00-15:00, etc.), so feel free to consult with us.

On certain days, it is only possible to take part in the experience in the morning or the afternoon. Please refer to the dates below. ▽
・Only available in the morning: June 10, 17.
・Only available in the afternoon: June 2, 3, 9, 16, 30 / July 7, 14, 21, 28.

Capacity20 people max. Minimum 2 participants.
Who can attendParticipants must be 12 years of age or older.
What to wearPlease wear loose-fitting clothing and refrain from wearing skirts.
ContactIf you have any questions, please contact us at
Additional Info
・Please book at least 3 business days in advance so that we can build the best experience for you.
・The reservation will be confirmed once Sharing Kyoto receives the prepayment made via PayPal.
・Applicants must be at least 18 years old to apply. Minors must obtain the consent of a parent or guardian before applying.
・If the number of applicants does not reach 2, the tour may be canceled.
・The experience may be canceled or postponed at short notice, or the content may be changed due to traffic conditions, etc.
・The experience may be filmed and posted on social networking sites or used in articles. ・We may share your responses to surveys and reviews on our social networking sites and media.
・Please let us know in advance about any allergies or food that you cannot eat.
Cancellation Policy
・Free of charge if canceled up to 3 days before the tour date, 50% 2 days before, and 100% the day before or on the day of the tour.
・If the number of applicants does not reach 2, the tour may be canceled.
・Bank transfer fees for refunds in the event of cancellation will be borne by the customer.
¥23,100 / Per person
*Tax included/Advance payment(PayPal)*A PayPal fee (4.1% + 40 yen) will be added to the price/The start time can be changed, so feel free to consult with us.
* Children must be 12+
Where you'll be
24 Kashihara Uchigaito-cho, Katagihara, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto

A 20-minute walk from Hankyu "Katsura Station".
A 20-minute walk from JR "Katsuragawa Station".
By city bus, get off at "Sannomiya Kaido" bus stop, and walk for 6 minutes.
By city bus, get off at "Shiseki Koen-mae" bus stop, and walk for 5 minutes.